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Limed Wolf Ridge

  • 21 Colors Available
Armstrong Timberbrushed Shadow Play 5 in Shadow Play SKTB59L70W
Shadow Play
Armstrong Timberbrushed River Leaf 5 in River Leaf SKTB59L30W
River Leaf
Armstrong Timberbrushed Cabin Memories 5 in Cabin Memories SKTB59L50W
Cabin Memories
Armstrong Timberbrushed Cove Hollow 5 in Cove Hollow SKTB59L60W
Cove Hollow
Armstrong Timberbrushed Hay Ground 5 in Hay Ground SKTB59L10W
Hay Ground
Armstrong Timberbrushed Deep Etched Iron Mountain 7 1/2 in Deep Etched Iron Mountain EAKTB75L410
Deep Etched Iron Mountain
Armstrong Timberbrushed Deep Etched Natural 7 1/2 in Deep Etched Natural EAKTB75L406
Deep Etched Natural
Armstrong Timberbrushed Deep Etched Dusty Ranch 7 1/2 in Deep Etched Dusty Ranch EAKTB75L407
Deep Etched Dusty Ranch
Armstrong Timberbrushed Deep Etched Hampton Brown 7 1/2 in Deep Etched Hampton Brown EAKTB75L408
Deep Etched Hampton Brown
Armstrong Timberbrushed Limed Wolf Ridge 7 1/2 in Limed Wolf Ridge EAKTB75L404
Limed Wolf Ridge
Armstrong Timberbrushed Limed Industrial Style 7 1/2 in Limed Industrial Style EAKTB75L405
Limed Industrial Style
Armstrong Timberbrushed Deep Etched Mountain Retreat 7 1/2 in Deep Etched Mountain Retreat EAHTB75L405
Deep Etched Mountain Retreat
Armstrong Timberbrushed Deep Etched Natural 7 1/2 in Deep Etched Natural EAHTB75L401
Deep Etched Natural
Armstrong Timberbrushed Limed Coastal Plain 7 1/2 in Limed Coastal Plain EAHTB75L402
Limed Coastal Plain
Armstrong Timberbrushed Deep Etched Timber Mill 7 1/2 in Deep Etched Timber Mill EAHTB75L403
Deep Etched Timber Mill
Armstrong Timberbrushed Deep Etched Buffalo Creek 7 1/2 in Deep Etched Buffalo Creek EAHTB75L404
Deep Etched Buffalo Creek
Armstrong Timberbrushed Limed Ocean Front 7 1/2 in Limed Ocean Front EAKTB75L413
Limed Ocean Front
Armstrong Timberbrushed Limed Dark Value 7 1/2 in Limed Dark Value EAKTB75L414
Limed Dark Value
Armstrong Timberbrushed Deep Etched Blackened Earth 7 1/2 in Deep Etched Blackened Earth EAKTB75L415
Deep Etched Blackened Earth
Armstrong Timberbrushed Deep Etched Fall River 7 1/2 in Deep Etched Fall River EAKTB75L411
Deep Etched Fall River
Armstrong Timberbrushed Limed Beach Getaway 7 1/2 in Limed Beach Getaway EAKTB75L412
Limed Beach Getaway

Product Attributes

Collection Timberbrushed
Color Limed Wolf Ridge
Construction Engineered Hardwood
Color Variation Most
Species White Oak
Surface Type Wire-brushed
Surface Texture Wire Brushed
Edge Micro Edge / Micro Ends
Application Residential
Width 7 1/2"
Thickness 1/2"
Location Below/On/Above Ground Level
Installation Method Floating, Glue